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STORYD has revolutionized the way we present our ideas and services to clients. It has not only improved our efficiency but has also made a significant impact on our bottom line.
Ryan T. Ryan
Owner at Easton Back Office


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At Easton Back Office, the need for an effective tool to communicate complex accounting concepts and process improvements was essential. By leveraging STORYD's capabilities, Easton was able to create internal training and client-facing presentations that were both engaging and informative. Employees better understood their roles, while clients had a clear idea of the solutions provided by Easton. STORYD's application has been instrumental in streamlining communication at Easton Back Office, proving their importance in the Business Consultancy and Accounting Service industry.

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Case Review

STORYD provided us with an invaluable tool in enhancing our internal and external communication. The customized presentations it created for us focused on communicating our narrative and value proposition to achieve results. Our employees were more engaged during training sessions, and our clients were impressed by our proficiency in presenting complex accounting concepts simply and effectively.

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Consultation process with Easton Back Office started in March 2023.


Business Consultancy and Accounting Services

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STORYD used data, storytelling, and communication best practices to create impactful presentations based on Easton's needs. These presentations were used to train employees and communicate complex accounting concepts to prospective clients. As a result, Easton's productivity has improved significantly, and Ryan reports positive feedback from his clientele.

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